Small Steps

Each year I work toward a lifestyle change: eating healthier, exercising more, not going out as much, etc. This year, I want to walk more. We bought a car last year and since that time my partner and I have relied heavily on it. I have also been working towards a career change and have spent many hours on my laptop learning new skills. All of this equates to a lot of time not moving.

This year, I want to lessen my need to drive and roll off of the couch. I have begun walking to our local grocery store and to my yoga studio. Both of these places are a little over a mile and currently take me 20 minutes, one way, to get to. My goal is by the end of the summer, be able to walk to and/or from work, which is 8 miles one way. This will be great to eventually put in 16 miles a day.

Why so much walking? Between work, studying, yoga and life, it is not always possible for me to get out of the city on the weekends and go hiking. This also leaves me with little time to “train” for the PCT. The biggest and best thing to do for this is to walk…EVERYWHERE.

To kick off this walking, I took a day trip to the coast. It was lovely! So windy, warm (low 50’s), and overcast! I love visiting the coast during the winter months, as there is almost no one there. I walked down the beach for a few hours, enjoying the peacefulness. My lunch of veggies and nuts was had on top of a large rock, looking out at the ocean.

cannon beach
Beautiful overcast on the coast!