Days 17-18: Big Bear Lake

Day 17 – May 20
Jupiter broke camp early, as he had a package to pick up from the post office. Protein, Sonya and I walked the 13 miles to the highway together. 

As we got close, we began running into people who were doing a walkathon for Make a Wish. They all mentioned that there was food at the reststop for us. We quickened our pace and finally made it the last two miles to the rest stop. There were so many people and organizers herded us over to the tables of food and water. There was fruit, candy, bars and gels. There was even a cooler with stuff to make sandwiches!

After eating and getting a ride into town, we coordinated with Jupiter on the hotel room. They were looking for a place with a hot tub, but instead found one with a jacuzzi in the room. Three beds and a jacuzzi, great! Originally we thought that the jacuzzi was just in the bathroom and that there may be separated rooms for the beds. This was not the case. The jacuzzi was in the center of the room, in front of a fireplace lined with mirrors and the three beds, and two couches were surrounding it. We erupted in laughter and joked about everything the room was used for.

I had sent a resupply box with extras to use on my zero. One of these extras was a bag of epsom salt for a bath. This sparked an idea for the jacuzzi. We all grabbed beers, filled the tub with the bubbles provided, the bag of salts and soaked our aching feet.

Myself, Jupiter (Justin), Max and Sonya

Day 18

We all slept in until 7 and then went out for breakfast. The place served some of the biggest pancakes ever! None of us finished and brought rolled up pancakes back to the hotel.

Originally, Sonya, Flame and I were going to head out that afternoon. However, the breakfast took its toll on us and we lounged all day; sleeping, showering (again), and hanging out with new hikers that arrived. We stayed another night, turning our nero day (nearly zero miles) to a full zero. It was nice to have another break.