Days 23-27: Wrightwood to Acton

Day 23 – May 26th

Sonya and I hiked about 7 miles, catching up with Flame. A guy was hiking with his dog and offered us a ride to Wrightwood if we wanted to wait. It was only a 15 minute wait for him to get back to the parking lot and a quick drive into town. 

Left and Right were in town, so we had breakfast together. I had a veggie omelette, potatoes and toast. I destroyed it and could have eaten more.

The town of Wrightwood was super hiker friendly. Everyone was allowed to hang out at the hardware store and so many people offered places to stay or shower or free food.

Originally, we had planned on going in for breakfast and buying our food for the next stretch, then take off towards the trail. We got vortexed though and stayed the night in town. A guy hosted our entire trail family, about 15 of us. It was a party house and we drank the finest of cheap beers all night.

Day 24

We all got up a little groggy from the night before and headed to the coffee shop, The Village Grind. I had a coldbrew, which seemed amazing at the time.

After hitching rides back to the trail, we put in 16ish miles. First, we summited Baden-Powell and hung out for a couple hours. While relaxing, ladybugs started swarming! It was an infestation!!!

At the end of the day, about 20 of us cowboy camped at Jimmy Camp. This was a popular campground and we also realized it was Memorial weekend. The camp was packed!

Days 25-26

Nothing of note happened on these days. It was really hot and tiring.

There was some trail magic from The Fruit Man, who provided bananas and mangos!

Day 27

Another short day (lots of short days in this stretch. Most of our large party did 14 miles and camped at the KOA outside of Acton. They had ice cream, showers, laundry and a pool. It has been so warm in California and limited water, so swimming has not been possible. All of us jumped in and enjoyed the chlorine dunk.

Later that night, a couple of hikers went to town to get beers. One of the pizza places also delivered to the campground, so we ordered a ton!