Memaloose State Park – Wildflowers

Memaloose State Park is in the region that I grew up in. “The other side of the mountain”, as I tell new Portlanders. Life is drier, there are more oak and pine trees, as firs start to thin out. Grasses and wildflowers thrive during the spring and in the summer, everything turns brown or catches on fire.Fall remains brown and temps slowly decline. The ground freezes in winter, with the occasional covering of snow. It is much different than my current side of the mountain: rainy, lush, green.

The partner and I decided to visit this park after he received his new camera. This hike is easy and is around 5 miles long. There is a chance to run into poison oak, ticks and snakes though, so beware!

The wildflowers bloomed a few weeks prior, so some of the ones we saw were burning out. It was a beautiful day; not too hot or windy; perfect for a leisurely stroll. While we were walking, you could hear all of the bugs buzzing in the trees, butterflies were fluttering, and a small stream was winding its way down to the river. Pictures from my camera are below.

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