The Journey Begins

The Pacific Crest Trail crosses deserts, lava fields, snow capped mountains, forests and too many rivers to count. Starting at the California-Mexico border, it snakes its way through Oregon and Washington, ending at the Canadian border. 

I have day dreamed, planned, studied, and followed blogs about the PCT for a number of years. Whenever my mind wandered, I would find myself searching for another hiker blog, researching more gear, backpacking food, resupply strategies, and on and on. Each year, I lurked online, feeling the excitement of those about to begin the epic journey and myself becoming anxious, constantly asking: When will I do the PCT? How can I make it happen? Can I? Should I?

About two years ago, I committed to myself that I would start by my 30th birthday. Due to life, finances and new jobs, my start date was pushed back to “the year of my 30th.” Many reasons held me back, and honestly, I’m glad they did. I would not have been as prepared as I am now. During this time, I’ve focused on collecting and testing gear, challenging myself, and saving money.

The PCTA (Pacific Crest Trail Association) issues 50 permits to start from the Southern Terminus each day. This year, all of us thru-hiker hopefuls crashed the site on opening day for permit applications. After a couple hours, I got in and secured my start date of May 4, 2017!