Days 130-139: The final stretch

September 10th-19th

I got home and immediately fell into “zero day” mode; lounging around and eating pints of ice cream. It was weird being at home and it hadn’t fully sunk in that this was it. As more of my trail family hit the border, I heard that more of them were going back to the Sierra now. It seemed like the weather was really good and I had been restless at home. I had taken almost an entire week off, so I felt like my body was ready. Continue reading “Days 130-139: The final stretch”

Days 121-129: Skykomish to Canada

September 1st-9th

I slept in until 7:30, but I was still awake before some of the others. I gathered my things and moved outside so as to not wake them up. I had a ton of food, so I decided to cook up some of my breakfast there. At this point, I’ve spent so much money on food and I was anxious to get out of town. Though my body probably needed it, I kind of regretted not pushing on after picking up my resupply.

Continue reading “Days 121-129: Skykomish to Canada”

Days 113-120: White Pass to Skykomish

August 24th-31st

White Pass to Snoqualmi

Apparently, my journey through Washington was about sleeping in and late starts. I woke up behind the market and had my things together by 6:55. It was a lovely, typical pacific northwest heavy mist and chilly morning. Luckily the store opened at 7, so I went in for coffee, a burrito and to hang out before starting my day.  Continue reading “Days 113-120: White Pass to Skykomish”