How to support me

I do not need support for my hiking adventures and am capable of fully funding them myself. However, I have received offers and questions from folks who want to help in some way. If you are one of these people, who want to contribute to the journey, below are a few direct and indirect ways you can assist!

Donate to the triple crown!

Many volunteers assist with trail maintenance every year and each trail has it’s own obstacles to overcome. The PCT is growing in popularity and is experiencing many fires. The CDT is about 70% complete and has also experienced multiple fires. While the AT sees thousands of hikers each season, requiring a lot of maintenance of the trail and huts along the way.

Donate to scholarship funds

There are a number of groups across the US that offer scholarships to get people outside that may not otherwise have the funds to do so or are underrepresented in the outdoor community. Check with groups, schools, local gear shops, etc for ways you could support people locally!

Directly support me

Music, Books, Podcasts – Make suggestions of things to listen to and read. (pssst: this is free)

Amazon Wish List – Some replacement gear, upgrades and of course, trail food! No need to know my address, Amazon will ship it to me for you.

REI Wish List – Similar to Amazon; mostly gear and some food.

Send money directly – You can directly help put money towards gear, food, or maybe a warm hotel room after a few days of rain. The apps I currently use are:

    • Venmo @seread
    • Cash App $sararead