OCT Day 3

Nehalem Bay State Park to Garibaldi

What a wonderful, sleep filled night! I woke up warm and refreshed at my little campsite. Today’s agenda includes two ferries. First, will be across the Nehalem Bay and the second will be across Tillamook Bay. As I left the park, I called ahead to Jetty Fishery Marina to schedule the first ferry.

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OCT Day 2

Sleeping in the shelter was nice. There was a curtain-type thing to block the entrance and that, surprisingly, kept the cold wind out. Critters didn’t find their way inside either, at least none big enough to wake me or chew on my gear. It was still a bit cold overall and I used my emergency blanket for some additional warmth. This had the unfortunate side effect of collecting moisture though and caused my quilt to retain moisture. I’ll need to dry it out at some point today.

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OCT Day 1

Welcome to Seaside

The cold last night was relentless and I slept in my thermals, socks, and a fleece sleeping bag liner. The wind also picked up at some point, in which I took a mental note to position my tent better to block wind from the coast, which only increased the chilliness. I woke up at 5am to the sound of hundreds of birds! It was a beautiful, magical thing to wake up to and made suffering through the cold worth it. Fort Stevens park is packed with old trees and these birds remained hidden in the canopy, though they echoed throughout the park.

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OCT Prep & Day 0

Way back in May, I took a couple weeks off of work to go hike the Oregon Coast Trail. Beaches along the Oregon coast are publicly owned, which apparently is very unique! Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, I hadn’t realized, until sometime in my adult life, that beaches could be privately owned and the public blocked from using them. How rude!

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Days 121-129: Skykomish to Canada

September 1st-9th

I slept in until 7:30, but I was still awake before some of the others. I gathered my things and moved outside so as to not wake them up. I had a ton of food, so I decided to cook up some of my breakfast there. At this point, I’ve spent so much money on food and I was anxious to get out of town. Though my body probably needed it, I kind of regretted not pushing on after picking up my resupply.

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Days 113-120: White Pass to Skykomish

August 24th-31st

White Pass to Snoqualmi

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